Bernard Davey’s Mourne


Once known as the face of the meteorological office from the six years he spent as a BBC weather presenter, Bernard Davey’s life radically changed in 1994 when he was diagnosed with MS and retired from the pressures of TV to the relative peace of Newcastle. Readers of Bernard Davey’s Mourne, Ten Walks with the Weatherman will find that Bernard’s hope that he has brought the Mournes alive has been completely fulfilled. He has picked a varied selection of ten walks from flat coastal strolls to strenuous hikes through the hills and in each his easy relaxed writing transports the reader to Bernard’s side as he walks his beloved Mournes. Much more than a walking guide this book will appeal equally to those who enjoy the rigour of the trek as it does to those who prefer to contemplate the beauty of the hills from the comfort of their armchairs. For those who do descide to pull on their boots the book comes complete with a set of detachable route maps to assist in finding your way.

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Author: Bernard Davey
ISBN 9781900935135
96pp luxury padded hardback
250mm x 180mm
Walk Maps enclosed

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