Armagh, City of Light and Learning


The magic of Armagh stems from an ancient past when Ard Macha was the earliest capital of Ulster and the seat of power for Ireland’s Kings and Queens. According to tradition it was here that St. Patrick based his mission to Ireland and the spiritual importance of Armagh continues today in the City’s role as the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland. Its two cathedrals dominate a surrounding landscape where picturesque villages such as Richhill and Tynan nestle modestly in a gently rolling countryside famous for both its apple production and its proud history.

Well known local artist Joe Hynes and respected writer Maureen Campbell have combined their skills to capture the beauty and rich history of the area in the timeless Armagh, City of Light and Learning, with its thirty beautiful paintings and informative text, perfectly captures the life and spirit of the City of Armagh and its surrounding villages.

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Author: Maureen Campbell
Artist: Joe Hynes
ISBN 9781900935058
96pp luxury padded hardback
250mm x 180mm

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