The Spies at Gilnahirk


“New Radio Station Sets N.I. Riddle – but nobody knows at Gilnahirk” That was a headline in the Belfast Telegraph in 1951 reflecting the reporter’s frustration at being unable to penetrate the veil of secrecy surrounding the discrete red brick buildings which nestled behind a high security fence in the Castlereagh Hills. Even after the facility quietly closed its doors in 1978, no information on what had gone on there was forthcoming until local man George Busby took an interest in 2004. Now, in The Spies at Gilnahirk, George brings you the results of over ten years of research which reveals the fascinating story about not only the Gilnahirk wireless station, but also about a network of secret listeners who, hunched over their radio sets in homes across the province, listened and recorded the enemy’s communications throughout the dark days of WWII and beyond.

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Author: George Busby
ISBN 9781910657089
144pp paperback
220mm x 155mm

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