Across the Roe – From Bann to Faughan


Relax, put your feet up, and come with Dr. Bob Curran and Gerald Maguire as their beautiful paintings and fascinating stories from the birthplace of ‘Danny Boy’ take you on an eye-opening journey across the lonely mountains, lush river valleys and stunning coastlines of East Londonderry.

Along the way Bob dips into the history of the area and delves deeply into its folklore to introduce you to an eclectic collection of characters from pious monks to notorious highway men, from stoneage settlers to 17th century planters and from howling banshees to the fairy inspired musical genius which introduced the haunting chords of one of Irelands best loved tunes.

Across the Roe, from Bann to Faughan is a must for anyone with an interest in Northern’s Ireland’s famous north coast.

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Author: Bob Curran
Artist: Gerald Maguire
ISBN 9781900935531
96pp luxury padded hardback
250mm x 180mm

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Weight.58 kg
Dimensions25 × 18 × 2 cm

Bob Curran, Gerald Maguire

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