Roosters and Hens for the Appreciative Eye


In this splendid compendium of all things poultry Author Suze Craig and artist Ros Harvey take an informative yet light-hearted look at the joys and challanges of keeping a small brood of hens with a host of helpful hints thrown in along the way.
They present a wide assortment of breeds in an uncomplicated fashion allowing you to better appreciate our feathered friends, from the sheen of their plumage right down to the gleaming crescents of each feather. Ros’s delightful illustrations encourage the reader to browse the pages, while Suze’s absorbing text helps you appreciate the diversity and wonder of the domestic fowl.
This book is the perfect addition to the library or coffee table of all those with an interest in poultry, from the total beginner or smallholder to the experienced breeder or poultry fancier alike.

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Author: Suze Craig
Artist: Ros Harvey
ISBN 9781900935456
188ppĀ  hardback
310mm x 240mm

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Weight1.4 kg
Dimensions31 × 24 × .27 cm

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