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CPCarolyn 23-08-2011 03:43 PM

I think I've read Worth Dying For - jog my memory...

What do you think of the fact that they're getting Tom Cruise to play JR when the books hit the big screen?!

vickietots 12-09-2011 12:58 PM

Its the one where he gets tangled up in a family run business in a remote part of the US. This family seem to have the whole town scared and there is obviously something going on. There is also a missing child from 25 years ago and this is something that he feels that he needs to get answers for.

As fr Tm Cruise playing JR!!! Thats a travesty!!!!! It needs to be someone big, not a pipsqueak! All that waffle about how its JR's personality and presence which is big is balls and how Tom Cruise will be able to act that!! All the background on JR and almost the start of every book says about his height, weight, strength etc!!! As you can tell this annoys me greatly! Its not even like Tom Cruise is a good actor!! Hes the same in every part he acts! They were just desperate to get a big screen name!

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